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Auctioneys is an Asset Disposition Firm with an emphasis in Distressed Situations, including Bankruptcy, Receivership, Assignment for Benefit of Creditors ("ABC"), and Downsizing situations. Auctioneys also provides dedicated legal support services for law firms, trustees, receivers, and professionals. 

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Providing a "One-Stop-Shop" for all Asset Disposition, Capital, Lending, Advisory, Legal Support, Auction Support, and Asset Valuation services for our Clients


Auction &

Asset Disposition

Auctioneys is a leader in asset-disposition ongoing liquidation, and auction services, with a focus on distressed and court-supervised situations. Auctioneys has managed thousands of business auctions across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, as well as Asia, and in each instance, Auctioneys obtained the highest recovery value for the assets while meeting and exceeding our clients goals and expectations.

Capital | Lending Services

Auctioneys has taken on the complicated and distressed situations in equipment & business financing. Auctioneys focuses on solutions for our clients that have challenging and distressed situations. Auctioneys delivers customized solutions for our clients where traditional lenders and even hard-money lenders refuse to approve their loan requests. Focusing on Asset-Based lending solutions, our clients are more than a credit score.

Advisory Services

Auctioneys provide expert  Advisory services to middle market companies that are in distressed and special situations. Specializing in distressed situations & court supervised case transactions, including restructurings and receiverships, Auctioneys is the go-to, one-stop-shop firm for trustees, receivers, and companies facing small, large, simple, and challenging situations.

Legal Support Services

May it be asset purchase agreements, transactional contracts research, summarization,  drafting complaints or demand letters or perhaps interrogatories, the services of a experiences legal practicioner are essential to any law firm. Auctioneys comprehends the dynamics of these services, the cost and time savings that are derived from valuable paralegal outsourcing services. We provide round-the-clock, well-trained paralegals and attorneys to present our clients with trustworthy support for all their requirements.

Auction-Site Management

Auctioneys has the ability to provide "A" to "Z" Auction Site Management services which include initial asset inspections, valuation, and photography to removal and clean-up for post-auction operations. Auctioneys trained and experienced staff provides auction-site set up and site management which includes equipment clean-up and "make-ready," asset-staging and set-up, staffing and project managers for preview & inspection days, as well as check-out and removal. If an auction company partner needs to ensure that the auction site is left in broom-swept condition, that is not a problem either!    

Appraisal & Valuation Services

Auctioneys has provided individual equipment as well as entire facilities nationwide for both the public and private sectors, which include government agencies. With experience and knowledge throughout many industries, Auctioneys  known for our personal touch and the dedicated relationships we provide to each client. Whether you need an appraisal on a vehicle, a fleet, a machine, or an entire machine shop, no job is too small or too big! Auctioneys provide more than just values, we provide peace of mind. 


“Auctioneys maximized the value of the assets in a Bankruptcy that I was administering that resulted is far greater value that I expected!”

- Ch. 7 Trustee


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