Why Choose Auctioneys?


Auctioneys is the best of all worlds. An Auction Company. A Full Service Legal Support Firm. A Private Equity & Capital Investment Services firm. Auctioneys has the expertise,  abilities, and capital necessary to provide expert disposition services as well as complete asset-acquisition transactions efficiently, while providing all necessary legal support services - all of which are In-House. 


Auctioneys is likewise a private investment firm providing disposition, revitalization, and capital services to companies in the the Industrial Manufacturing, Transportation & Livery, as well as Heavy-Equipment / Construction industries facing distressed situations, transition, down-sizing mode. No transaction is too small nor too big. Auctioneys will provide the most competitive and aggressive disposition and acquisition proposals to meet and exceed all expectations of our clients. 


Auctioneys provides the most beneficial solutions to our clients, which includes a guaranteed minimum capital recovery, as well as Zero-Percent (0%) commission options for the asset-remarketing, disposition, and revitalization services. 


Auctioneys also has the unique ability to provide Investment Banker and Financial Advisory services, which include providing an exclusive Triple-Track Marketing platform and services to market assets (as a Turnkey/Going-Concern, on a Retail & Bulk Basis, and finally in an Auction setting providing urgency), as well as providing guidance and guidelines for inspections, diligence (including drafting and distributing Confidentiality Agreements ["CA"] & Non-Disclosure Agreements ["NDA"]), proposal requirements, and contract terms (including drafting asset-purchase agreements), and negotiations.


Auctioneys principals and staff of experts come from a unique background of professionals with several decades of combined experience within industrial auction firms, private equity firms, investment banking firms, law firms, as well as bank & lending organizations. Auctioneys provides incredible value to our clients via direct negotiations with the auctioneers, liquidators, private companies, end-users, and investors bidding on the asset disposition opportunities, thereby procuring higher recovery for our clients. 

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